About Me

Brief summary of my experiences, skills and mindset, which hopefully backs me up.

Who I am

👋 Hello, I’m Anamol. I’m a User Experience (UX) Specialist.

Although I could say I’m a Product Designer, UX Designer, UX/UI Designer and UX Researcher, and I probably will depending on the role, but I think ‘UX Specialist’ should encompass all of these and hopefully suffice.

As a UX Specialist, I combine empirical evidence, in-depth research, and analytical insights while aiming to uncover nuances within and across user touchpoints in the product design lifecycle in order to create a functional, intuitive, engaging—and nevertheless—visually compelling experience for users.

I also have an MSc in User Experience Engineering from Goldsmiths, University of London. Worked on a handful of interesting projects with multiple team members in various domains within the scope of UX. There, I also had an opportunity to volunteer as a Research Assistant for Goldsmiths.

My work experience spans over 9 years, 6+ years in the field of UX. Some say that’s just about enough for an internship. Some say my work experience is irrelevant because I’ve never done a 3-month stint at FAANG. Some say portfolio is the only thing that matters but only have 5 seconds to spare. Others say “Neeeext!”.

Anyway, you can learn more about me below. It’s brief and straightforward, I promise.

I was on the National TV, twice: I appeared on Idea Studio Nepal, a Shark Tank inspired reality TV show. My friend and I applied as a team and got selected as one of 26 ideators from 800+ applicants in Season 1, 2014. I pitched my idea on the audition round and the final presentation. The show wasn’t designed for deal/no-deal type of funding in the earlier seasons but an opportunity to work at the incubation center. 

Client Story: One of my recent undertakings was collaborating with a media business. I dived deep, uncovering underlying challenges and opportunities in their business operation (I love operation and automation), which led me to identify and implement solutions that optimised operational efficiency by +700%, and helped slash their monthly costs by thousands of $$.

Journey Across Digital Domains: I worked for various clients around the world which helped me understand cross-industry nuances, giving me ample opportunities for experiential learning, which I always attempt to use to be strategic in my solutions for my clients and in my work.

The Goldsmiths Chapter: My MSc programme was full of hands-on research-based learning, connecting various dots into the subtleties of Interaction Science, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Human Factors & Ergonomics, along with the vibrations of music, sound, and even UX in animals.

The Escape Key [␛]: Outside work, I surf the ‘wantrepreneurship’ wave on Reels and TikTok, and delve into psychology, tech, design and business content. I also lift weights, watch Premier League highlights, and organise my second brain—keeping my inbox, ideas and tasks in check without overdoing it.

Who I worked with

What I do

User Experience (UX)

Use various UX principles across product lifecycle to ensure a seamless interactive experience for the end users.

User Interface (UI)

Create robust user flows, high-fidelity responsive designs and prototypes using Atomic Design principles for web and mobile devices.

UX Research (UXR)

Conduct user research using various in-depth research methods to gather valuable insights for informed design decisions.

Service Design (CX)

Construct service blueprint and customer journey to map various user touchpoints, to identify pain points across various interaction channels.

UX Systems I Integrate

Research Methods (ATT, BEHV, Qual, Quant)

Journey and Scenario Mapping

Information Architecture

Service Design & Blueprint

Atomic Design System

Content Strategy

Information Design

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Human Factors and Ergonomics

Interaction Design

User Interface Design (UI)


No/Low-code Development

Usability Testing and Evaluation

What I also do

Content Strategy

Create, edit and proofread written content to ensure they are coherent, error-free and easy on the mind, all while fulfilling its objective.

Marketing Strategy

Create growth campaigns via. market insights, targeting, and value propositions, guided by objectives, budget, and KPIs for optimisation.

Project Management

Develop and implement effective project management and operational strategies that enable businesses to achieve their goals.

Video Editing, Direction

Create brand aligned motion and video edits, strongly emphasizing to produce purposeful and creatively conceptualised videos.

Stack I use

Design (ux, ui, ops, mgmt, creative, low-code)

Code (intermediate)

Tools I love

How I think

Frameworks can be overrated, outdated, and stagnant; it is Principles that truly matter. Frameworks assist principles while principles can assist as well as challenge both frameworks and principles. I use critical thinking and logical reasoning principles in tandem as both of these are the foundational prerequisites in dissecting any idea, opinion and argument.

Not everyone succeeds all the time and neither do I. We're all humans after all with emotion and spontaneity driving most of our days. But I do try to try my best to use these tools to make this mindset more instinctual, as spontaneity can be refined with experience.

Critical Thinking

Evidence → Divergent → Assumptions

Logical Reasoning

Arguments → Convergent → Conclusion

One last thing…

If you read it through to this point in the scroll-depth, you’re likely a 1-percenter for this webpage. So how does it feel to be a 1-percenter?

Lame jokes aside, I do appreciate your time and I want to thank you for it.

There are many guidelines and research conducted on “About” pages. This post from NNGroup is an interesting one where they observed 70 users to come up with 85 guidelines for About pages. 

That’s a lotta guidelines.

But ultimately, it all boils down to whether we found what we were looking for or not.

If you didn’t, or maybe want to suggest improvements, whatever it may be, please feel free to let me know. Don’t worry about being informal, informal is real-life, just shoot me a message.